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Will USC Trojans Drop Again In AP Poll After Win?

The USC Trojans won their season opener by 39 points last week, but still dropped a spot anyway in the Associated Press poll, from No. 1 to No. 2. After their relatively pedestrian 42-29 win over the Syracuse Orange on Saturday, will they drop again on Sunday?

Here is a look at how the AP top 10 fared on Saturday:

  • No. 1 Alabama: beat Western Kentucky 45-0 at home
  • No. 2 USC: beat Syracuse 42-29 in a neutral site game
  • No. 3 LSU: beat Washington 41-3 at home
  • No. 4 Oregon: beat Fresno State 42-25 at home
  • No. 5 Oklahoma: beat Florida A&M 69-13 at home
  • No. 6 Florida State: beat Savannah State 55-0 at home
  • No. 7 Georgia: beat Missouri 41-20 on the road
  • No. 8 Arkansas: lost to Louisiana Monroe 34-31 at home
  • No. 9 (tied) South Carolina: beat East Carolina 48-10 at home
  • No. 9 (tied) West Virginia: idle

So the question is, will the LSU Tigers get bonus points for their dominant win at home over Washington? Will it be enough to overtake USC? Here is a look at the first two AP polls of the season.

Associated Press Poll Points
Team Preseason Week 1
Alabama 1,411 (17) 1,481 (45)
USC 1,445 (25) 1,435 (11)
LSU 1,402 (16) 1,382 (4)

If in theory the Trojans would lose all 11 first place votes to Alabama, then it would take more than 21 voters to flip USC and LSU. Could it happen? Perhaps, but it's still early in the season, and we need something to talk about.

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