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USC Vs. Syracuse: Robert Woods Leads Trojans To 21-16 Lead

Syracuse has begun to mount a comeback on the strength of a hurry up offense. Syracuse went to the hurry up offense trailing 21-3 and the Trojans had no answer as Ryan Nassib kept hurrying his offense to the line, settling for nickel and dime runs until the defense played shallow enough that he could go deep. Worrying stuff for a team that will see Oregon as their biggest threat to the Pac12 title.

The half began with Syracuse giving USC the opportunity to go up big coming out and throwing an interception on the opening drive of the half. Dion Bailey popped up for his second interception of the day. The man known on twitter as @HeismanWoods showed USC has no shortage of award candidates pulling down his second touchdown catch of the day in the third quarter. Robert Woods caught nine, seventeen, and twelve yard strikes on the drive before hauling in the four yard touchdown pass and looked good doing it. Woods is currently at nine catches for 91 yards.

A 31 yard strike from Nassib on the next drive showed a flaw in the USC defense, and then a Matt Barkley interception gave the ball right back to the hot Orange offense. Syracuse was able to drive from the 50 yard line for a touchdown. Syracuse went for two to pull within three, but USC was able to stop the conversion.

Syracuse has the ball as we head into the fourth quarter.