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USC Vs. Syracuse: Defenses Shine In No Score First Quarter

USC only managed 71 yards of offense in the first quarter as defense has dominated the game so far with neither the Trojans nor Syracuse getting on the board. The currently 0-0 game hasn't even featured a scoring opportunity yet, but it has been three turnovers on downs and an interception.

USC received the ball to begin, and chose to go for it on fourth and short at around their own forty yard line. The defense was able to get them the ball right back, as linebacker Dion Bailey picked off a desperation pass on a slant as Syracuse quarterback Ryan Nassib was hit from behind.

Getting stuffed on fourth and one on the first drive didn't stop Lane Kiffin from going for it again on fourth and one on the second drive. This time USC was much more successful, running a reverse to receiver Marquise Lee. This launched USC into field goal range for the first time in the game.

With USC's field goal ticker unavailable, Lane Kiffin decided to go for it again on fourth and twelve. Matt Barkley through for the corner of the end zone, as the third straight series to open the game ended with a turnover.

USC has the ball to start the second quarter. Silas Redd has gotten the most touches to start the game, with five running plays. Curis McNeal has had three for only three yards.