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USC Vs. Cal Score: Trojans Lead 17-9 After Third Quarter

Entering the third quarter with a comfortable 14-point lead, the USC Trojans were held scoreless in the third quarter and will now prepare to open the third quarter with a slim 17-9 lead over the California Golden Bears.

The 14-point advantage was trimmed down to just eight after Golden Bears kicker Vincenzo D'Amato booted a pair of field goals in the third quarter. Meanwhile, the Trojans offense was unable to have the same success it did in the first half and were instead completely held scoreless in the third quarter of play.

A large reason for that is the Golden Bears have been able to dominate the time of possession battle, especially in the third quarter. The Trojans received just three possessions, one of which carried into the fourth quarter and another one that resulted into a turnover.

The Trojans continued to feature their running attack in the third quarter and it appears the team will continue with that plan of attack in the fourth, though running back Curtis McNeal did put a ball on the turf.

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