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USC Vs. Cal: Trojans Depth Chart

The USC Trojans have revealed their latest depth chart for this weekend's game against the California Golden Bears. You can infer as much meaning from it as you want, but you probably should infer nothing at all from it. There are certain discrepancies that just don't match up to how things actually are.

Khaled Holmes is still listed as the No. 1 center, which means he's either healed from the injury he sustained against Syracuse, or this is just a theoretical depth chart. Holmes did not play a single snap in USC's 21-14 loss to Stanford last week, and Matt Barkley got sacked five times as a result.

Aundrey Walker is still the starting left tackle, with Max Tuerk backing him up. Tuerk might get a look at left tackle this week after struggling in pass protection against the Trojans.

Andre Heidari is still considered the starting kicker, although he is probably out a few weeks after surgery.

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