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USC Vs. Stanford Reaction: Plenty Of Blame To Go Around For Trojans

The USC Trojans fell. Considered the No. 2 team in the country by most accounts, they were doomed again by their Pac-12 road opener. Conquest Chronicles had plenty to say about the what and the how of what went down as the Trojans' national championship hopes may have eroded with the season barely off the ground.

Conquest Chronicles had plenty of blame to go around, starting with Matt Barkley and the offense. There was a disconnect between Barkley and his receivers while he played hot potato with the ball due to the pressure he was receiving from Stanford's front seven. The offensive line struggled to protect Barkley and added to the lack of rhythm in the passing game.

Conquest pointed out the lack of depth being an issue as well. When one player goes down, it has more of an effect on this team than on most, due to the team being so top-heavy.

The defense didn't earn too much criticism outside of a few tackling issues, but aside from that, this came down to what was considered to be one of if not the most explosive offenses in the country not coming through.

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