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Joe McKnight, Davon Jefferson Received Cash And Perks While At USC, According To Report

Scott Schenter, a central figure in the Los Angeles County Assessor's office, claims he gave cash and gifts to Joe McKnight and Davon Jefferson while the two were student athletes at USC. If true, the Trojans could once again be exposed to NCAA sanctions.

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A key individual in the Los Angeles County Assessor's office scandal has addmitted giving cash and gifts to Joe McKnight and Davon Jefferson while the two were USC Trojans, according to a report from the LA Times. If true, the gifts could violate NCAA rules and expose USC to NCAA sanctions.

Scott Schenter is the man at the center of the allegations, and among other emails involved in the scandal are emails suggesting he provided former USC running back McKnight with a car and an arline ticket and basketball player Jefferson with around $3,700 in cash. Among the evidence collected by the Times were receipts and messages from companies linking Schenter to the players.

USC Athletic Director Pat Haden gave a brief comment to the Times, saying ""We are dedicated to playing and competing the right way." The Trojans were sanctioned by the NCAA in 2010 for a "lack of institutional control" surrounding improper benefits received by student athletes.

Schenter is a key figure in an ongoing scandal involving improper tax breaks handed out to wealthy individuals by the County Assessor's office.

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