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College Football Rankings 2012: USC Trojans Sit At No. 2 In SB Nation's Preseason BlogPoll

The USC Trojans are poised to have an excellent 2012-13 season ahead of them, returning a number of talented players including quarterback Matt Barkley. And though it's only May, it's never too early for some college football rankings, and the Trojans find themselves as the No. 2 school in the land according to SB Nation's preseason BlogPoll.

The LSU Tigers are the only school viewed better in the BlogPoll, a plebiscite of SB Nation college football bloggers from across the country. USC isn't the only Pac-12 school in the top 25 though, as the Oregon Ducks (No. 4) Stanford Cardinal (No. 19) and Washington Huskies (No. 25) all join them.

Other notable schools to make the BlogPoll were Alabama (No. 3), Oklahoma (No. 5), and Michigan (No. 7).

You can check out the full BlogPoll here, including advanced polling metrics for your viewing pleasure.

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