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Steve Sarkisian Reportedly Dreams To Lead USC Trojans

Scott Wolf kind of professionally trolls at this point in his career. That's what he does. So it's hard to treat too much of what he rumormongers too seriously.

That being said, this latest rumor that he spreads about Washington head coach Steve Sarkisian wouldn't be too surprising if it was true.

He told people I know that he would take it for $4 million, meaning he would need a lot of money to leave Washington after a year. Now, a couple years down the road, I think he'd leave even faster especially since he hasn't exactly set Seattle on fire since he arrived.

Why was Lane Kiffin hired over Sarkisian? Kiffin was viewed by Mike Garrett as a package (Monte Kiffin, Ed Orgeron) more than anything else.

It's not a huge surprise that Sarkisian would be interested in being the USC head coaching position at some point. He was the offensive coordinator and was part of the last great USC teams that won the Pac-10 with Pete Carroll. He might need to be more successful at Washington before he can consider going back though, since it's unlikely the Trojans would be interested in Sark based on his current record with the Huskies.

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