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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Minnesota Vikings Take Matt Kalil

Matt Kalil of the USC Trojans is going to be thought of a lot because of his great pass protection abilities. In the NFL, a good left tackle is essential to keeping the passing game going against the best defenses, or otherwise the team's chances suffer. With two potential franchise quarterbacks awaiting in this year's draft, Kalil is the convenient third choice.

Don Banks of Sports Illustrated released his latest mock draft, and it has the Vikings picking Kalil. Banks explains his pick.

I'm sure the Vikings would love it if the Dolphins took the bait and traded up past No. 4 Cleveland to ensure they get Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill, but I think it's still wish list stuff, rather than a likely scenario. If the Vikings sit tight, Kalil still makes the most sense. If you're going to develop young quarterback Christian Ponder, it would help to protect him.

To discuss how good Kalil is with the USC football fans that have watched him the past several seasons, head on over to Conquest Chronicles. To find out more about Vikings fans and what they really think about Kalil, check out Daily Norseman. Mock drafts should be talked about more thoroughly at Mocking the Draft.

You should be able to view and subscribe to the 2012 NFL Draft YouTube channel below.