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2013 NFL Mock Draft: Matt Barkley No. 1 Pick To Oakland Raiders, Robert Woods To Indianapolis Colts

As the 2012 NFL Draft coverage draws to a close, we start looking ahead to next season and who the top prospects might be going forward. And again it looks like a Pac-12 quarterback will be leading the pack, with this one coming from USC.

In his first mock for the 2013 NFL Draft, Ryan Van Bibber of SB Nation has two Trojans going very high. Trojans quarterback Matt Barkley figures to be the next consensus number one pick out there, and the Oakland Raiders are the ones with the pick here. They're certainly ones in need of a quarterback for the future!

Finally, Oakland gets the right USC quarterback.

Robert Woods is the second Trojan to go in the top ten, as he gets picked by the Indianapolis Cotls with the sixth overall pick to become Andrew Luck's main man on the outside.

The Colts could be on the fast track to rebound-ville. Giving Luck an elite receiver to work with should make for a thrilling sophomore campaign.

Check out how Raiders fans feel about Barkley at Silver and Black Pride, and how Colts fans feel about Woods at Stampede Blue. Learn more about Barkley and Woods from USC football fans at Conquest Chronicles.