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2012 NFL Draft: Rhett Ellison Selected In Fourth Round By Vikings

The USC Trojans have a history of success come draft weekend, and that has been the case once again at the 2012 NFL Draft. After seeing two Trojans go in the first round, fullback/tight end Rhett Wilson was selected in the fourth round by the Minnesota Vikings with the 33rd pick. He will join teammate Matt Kalil up north, who went No. 4 overall on Thursday evening.

Ellison earned a reputation as being one of the hardest workers in college football last season and goes all-out on every snap. He caught 22 passes for 133 yards and two touchdowns in 2011. Given his ability to block and catch a few passes, the Vikings will likely utilize him in a highbred role next season until his new team figures out his role in the NFL.

A big congratulations to Rhett for his selection at the 2012 NFL Draft.

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