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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Mike Mayock Has Nick Perry To New England Patriots

There's a lot of questions as to whether USC Trojans defensive end Nick Perry will be able to pan out at the next level. Perry has a lot of talent and clearly possesses elite pass rushing skills, but it's not quite certain whether he can do anything else.

Mike Mayock released his only mock draft on, and the premier NFL draft expert has the Patriots picking Perry with the 27th pick in the first round.

Defense, defense, defense with the Patriots. I'm not a huge fan of this kid. I've got him No. 49 on my board. So why do I have him going to the Patriots? Because he brings edge-rushing abilities to the table, and perhaps Bill Belichick can do for Perry what I think Pete Carroll will do for Quinton Coples.

Check out the video of Mayock explaining further why Perry and the Patriots would be a good fit for each other.

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