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2012 NFL Draft: Nick Perry Is Overvalued? One Writer Thinks So

You know the common refrain that a player in a sport can be considered underrated for so long that eventually they become overrated? Well, that can happen with draft prospects as they move up and down draft boards and it seems to be happening to USC defensive end Nick Perry.

Perry has been all over the spectrum in terms of where he'll land in the draft but recently, he's been seen as high as no. 19 in mock drafts. That's the highest he's been during the pre-draft process which means his name must be gaining ground among GMs and coaches. This is also a reason to look deeper into his performance to see if the rise is merited and's K.C. Joyner seems to think it isn't.

Joyner broke down the fact that out of Perry's 9.5 sacks last season for the Trojans, only 3.5 of them were one-on-one sacks, where he beat a pass-blocker in a one-on-one situation and got to the quarterback within three seconds. Only having 3.5 in a 12-game season, according to Joyner, doesn't bode well for success at the next level.

Maybe Perry can change that perception but as of now, he sits among five players that Joyner ranks as being overvalued heading into the draft.

But wasn't he underrated recently?


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