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2012 NFL Mock Draft: USC DE Nick Perry Taken No. 19 To Chicago

USC defensive end Nick Perry is one of those guys that no one can quite get a handle on where he will land on draft day. He's spent time completely off of mock drafts, but in SB Nation's Ryan Van Bibber's latest mock, Perry is listed as the no. 19 pick to the Chicago Bears.

Van Bibber says this about the pick.

Put another pass rusher on the other side of Julius Peppers and it might help Chicago keep up with the quarterbacks in the division.

And yet, Perry doesn't find himself on Todd McShay of ESPN's Top 32 Prospects and he is all the way at no. 31 to the New England Patriots in Peter King of Sports Illustrated's most recent mock. It's been an up-and-down ride for Perry during the mock season. Hopefully, he's not paying attention to any of it because it would probably drive him nuts.

One thing you can take from him rising to no. 19 on Van Bibber's is that there are positive signs that his stock is either steady or rising and both are good things.

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