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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Matt Kalil Headed To Vikings In SB Nation's Latest Mock Draft

It's getting pretty crazy heading into the NFL Draft. Players are falling down boards while others are rapidly rising. This might be one of the more unpredictable drafts in a while after the first two picks are done.

And no. 3 to the Minnesota Vikings is exactly where SB Nation's Ryan Van Bibber has USC offensive tackle Matt Kalil going in his latest mock draft.

This is a pick that has been here for the majority of the mock draft season but there is still a little bit of doubt as to what the Vikings might do in this spot. LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne has also been mentioned as a possibility in this spot. But like Van Bibber says, ‘Don't over-think it'. If you are having trouble deciding a player to pick and one of your options is a future anchor to your offensive line that you will rely on to protect your young quarterback, you take the safer route.

Only time will tell if the Vikings take the Kalil route.

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