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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Matt Kalil To Minnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings are going to fall behind in the sweepstakes for a potential franchise quarterback like Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III. But waiting for them is potentially a franchise left tackle.

Ryan Van Bibber of SB Nation files his latest mock draft report, and guess what, Matt Kalil goes to the Vikings once again with the third pick in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft.

The Vikings are doing everything they can to muddy the waters about their pick. Morris Claiborne and even Justin Blackmon have been mentioned as possibilities. Kalil is by far the best pick, both in terms of draft spot and talent, but the Vikings may pass on him. Adam Schefter predicted that possibility responding reader questions last week.

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It's starting to become more of a question of who's going to end up being drafted fourth, because it looks as if the top three picks are all but signed, sealed, delivered.

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