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NFL Mock Draft 2012: New York Jets Take Nick Perry

Former NFL head coach Pat Kirwin, now an analyst with CBSSports, is generally regarded as a well-connected and is a respected evaluator, so it may be interesting to USC fans that he's projected Trojan Nick Perry to the New York Jets with the 16th overall pick in this year's NFL Draft. Per Kirwin:

Nick Perry, DE, Southern California: Perry has versatility and can play standing up or down in a stance. Rex Ryan loves guys like Perry and will build a Terrell Suggs role for him.

Rex Ryan is known for being a players' coach and is also known for his skills in teaching the intricacies and nuances of NFL defenses to young players. I have no doubt either that Ryan could find a spot for Perry that he could have success with despite his limited college experience. Perry is a unique athlete, and it would be interesting to see how the Jets would utilize his skillset.

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