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NFL Draft 2012, Nick Perry Takes Part In USC Pro Day

USC Trojans defensive end Nick Perry was one of two USC juniors to declare for the 2012 NFL Draft. The speedy defensive end has been projected anywhere from the middle of the first round to early second round, with teams looking to use him either as a defensive end or an outside linebacker, with the latter position in a 3-4 scheme.

"It doesn't really matter which position I play. I'll play whatever," said Perry, who was one of several Trojans to participate in their Pro Day on Wednesday, showing off in front of NFL talent evaluators.

Wednesday was the last time Perry worked out on the USC practice field, and he holds fond memories.

"I will truly miss all the things I did here. They will never be forgotten. This is what it took to get me here. I'm just thankful and blessed to be in the position I am in right now," said Perry.

Perry and left tackle Matt Kalil, both junior entrants in the NFL draft, did not participate in every test on Wednesday as they both excelled at the combine. But both took part in individual drills.

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