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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Nick Perry To Cleveland Browns With 37th Pick

Nick Perry is one of those prospects who looks real good in college, but you're not sure where exactly he projects at the next level. He's got the motor of a defensive end and the speed of a linebacker, but he doesn't quite fit into either position. The former USC defender is definitely good, but how good will he translate at the next level?

DraftTek's latest mock has Perry falling out of the first round and into the second to the Cleveland Browns.

A freshly shuffled DraftTek Big Board has taken the popular OT Bobbie Massie out of the picture for now. Nick Perry was a versatile, and productive edge rusher for the Trojans in 2011. His smallish stature at 6'3", 271 pounds might not translate so well at the Pro level. Cleveland also signed two minor free agents: Frostee Rucker and Juqua Parker. A grab on OLB Lavonte David, or Massie will happen soon. ~Mike Sudds

Indeed, it makes sense to take Perry later rather than sooner to avoid the risk of him not working out at the next level. You don't want to draft a player too early if you're not sure if he'll succeed.

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