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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Green Bay Packers Pick Nick Perry

The Green Bay Packers have some big issues to resolve next season, particularly on the defensive end. The defense caused Green Bay so many issues despite going 15-1; if not for a transcendent offense, the issues for the Packers on the defensive end might have become all the clearer.

Green Bay needs a pass rusher that'll give teams trouble aside from Clay Matthews, who was too easily double-teamed and schemed against quite effectively last year. Matthews needs a partner on the other side if he plans to be more effective than he was before.

The Packers now have to go into the well and try and find a pass rush talent late in the first round, and Nick Perry of the USC Trojans might be the answer. DraftTek has its latest.

Perry has seemingly found a home here at pick #28 for the Packers. Although many are projecting him at 4-3DE before 3-4OLB, I'm comfortable with Perry being able to make the transition to playing with his hand off the ground. From my view, Perry has the physical strength to play either position, but his speed and initial burst makes him more effective in open space. I'd love for Kevin Greene to get the chance to work with Perry.

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