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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Matt Kalil To St. Louis Rams

USC Trojans offensive tackle Matt Kalil has been considered the next sure thing behind Andrew Luck. Kalil is a bona fide NFL left tackle, and he's expected to be one of those guys who could play a decade in the league if he stays healthy. After the Indianapolis Colts take Luck first, the St. Louis Rams are a pretty good beat to invest in the Trojan.

Draft Tek's latest mock seems to agree with this viewpoint, as Kalil is just too good to pass up with the second pick.

The Rams line gave up 55 sacks in 2011, or 11 more than the USC line gave up in the 3 years Kalil was at USC (over 38 games). Kalil would be able to slide in at left tackle, moving Rodger Saffold to right tackle adding depth and providing much needed protection for Sam Bradford on the blind side. There is still the potential for the Rams to trade this pick for much needed additional picks to fill the holes at WR, both lines, secondary and linebacking corps. Justin Blackmon, who could immediately give Sam Bradford a star quality talent at WR, is also an option provided the Rams can shore up the line in free agency prior to the draft - Robert Occhipinti, Rams Drafttek Analyst

It's hard to say what would dissuade the Rams from taking Kalil. Perhaps a big athletic wide receiver or taking a risk on another quarterback, but it's hard to picture it being anyone but Kalil.

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