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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Todd McShay Projects Matt Kalil To St. Louis Rams

The 2012 NFL Draft is right around the corner and former USC Trojans offensive tackle Matt Kalil appears to be a consensus top-three draft pick. While many have Kalil going to the Minnesota Vikings, Todd McShay of ESPN has him going No. 2 overall to the St. Louis Rams. Some believe it makes sense to get quarterback Sam Bradford a target to throw to in the mold of Justin Blackmon, but it's tough to move the ball without a strong offensive line up front.

2. Matt Kalil*, OT, USC

Rams QB Sam Bradford (No 1 overall, 2010) needs better protection to reach his full potential. Current St. Louis LOT Jason Smith has fallen short of expectations after being taken second overall in 2009, and with Kalil's size, athleticism and nasty disposition he is ready to take over at left tackle from the first day of training camp.

The thought of a start blindside tackle has to be very appealing to the Rams and Sam Bradford, and it would potentially work wonders for aging running back Steven Jackson, as well. In addition to wide receiver, there is also a chance St. Louis deals this pick, especially if a team has a serious interest in Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III.

Stay tuned for complete coverage of the 2012 NFL Draft and where Matt Kalil is projected to go. Head on over to Conquest Chronicles to discuss the Trojans.