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2012 NFL Combine Schedule And Preview: Matt Kalil Wraps Up Workouts And Drills On Saturday

The USC Trojans have a handful of players in Indianapolis, participating in the 2012 NFL Combine. Saturday, the players will all continue the process and will each face a full day of activities.

For Matt Kalil, the projected overall No. 2 pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, knocked out his bench press drill on Saturday, finished towards the top of the pack among his group pairing of offensive linemen, special teams and tight ends. On Saturday, he'll be right back at it, performing his timing, stations and skill drills before wrapping everything up and heading back home.

For running back Marc Tyler and fullback Rhett Ellison, Saturday will consist of an NFL Players Association meeting, psychological testing and interviews

Here's the full schedule for all groups. You can watch the majority of the action for this year's NFL Combine on the NFL Network or streaming live at


Group 1 (P/K, ST, OL), Group 2 (OL), Group 3 (TE)

Workout (timing, stations, skill drills), departure from Indianapolis

Group 4 (QB, WR), Group 5 (QB, WR), Group 6 (RB)

NFLPA Meeting, psychological testing, interviews

Group 7 (DL), Group 8 (DL), Group 9 (LB)

Measurements, medical examinations, media, psychological testing, interviews

Group 10 (DB), Group 11 (DB)

Travel to Indianapolis, registration, hospital pre-exam and X-rays, orientation, interviews

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