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Matt Kalil Ranked By Mike Mayock As Top OT In 2012 NMatt Kalil Ranked By Mike Mayock As Top OT Before 2012 NFL CombineFL Combine

USC Trojans offensive tackle Matt Kalil is regarded by almost everyone as the de facto top offensive lineman in the 2012 NFL Draft. Nothing is likely to change between today and April 26th. Left tackles don't grow on trees, particularly left tackles of Kalil's prototypical strength and footwork. Kalil should make an NFL team particularly happy if they end up drafting him.

Mike Mayock of has Kalil ranked as his top offensive tackle, and that prognosis is unlikely to change. Mayock is a big fan of Kalil in general, as Michael Lev of the Orange County Register explains.

Mayock had high praise for Kalil during a conference call with reporters Wednesday, describing him as “wonderfully gifted” with the “great feet” and “long arms” needed to excel at the coveted left tackle position. Mayock said Kalil needs to improve his “core strength” but that that will develop over time.

“Every once in a while, he will get bull-rushed,” Mayock said. “But … he’ll ultimately be a exceptional pass protector.”

Kalil is one of those guys you'd love to pick, because you know from day one he can come in and help an NFL team get better. Someone is going to feel pretty happy with themselves once they get him, barring some drastic setback at the Combine.

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