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Rey Maualuga Punching Victim Comes Forth [VIDEO]

Rey Maualuga is looking like he could be in a serious bit of trouble. The man had his issues back when he was with the USC Trojans, as he was known as a notorious partier who often would get into fights. It seems as if a similar situation occurred here in Cincinnati.

This latest news report will not help his cause. Here is the video from the news report, where the victim identifies the Cincinnati Bengals defender.

Man Claims Bengals' Maualuga Punched Him (via wlwttv)

It doesn't look good for Rey now that the witness has come forth, who obviously looks like he's been punched in the face. The fact that the manager immediately pinpointed Maualuga can be nothing but bad for his chances of not being disciplined either by the league or in court--or both.

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