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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Matt Kalil Falls, Lands With Washington Redskins

There have been very few offensive line prospects that have as much talent and upside as Matt Kalil. A star offensive tackle that played three seasons with the USC Trojans, Kalil is now looking to take his football career even further. He projects to be a top-three pick in the 2012 NFL Draft and the most recent mock draft from NFL Draft Update has him going No. 3 overall behind Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III.

3. Minnesota Vikings: OT Matt Kalil, USC

-Charlie Johnson is not a cornerstone LT, but Matt Kalil is. The Vikings would like to trade out of this pick, but with RG3 off the board, they opt to solidify Christian Ponder's blindside.

It makes a lot of sense for the Vikings to bolster their front line as they continue to develop Ponder, but many are unsure that Kalil will be on the board by the time the No. 3 pick rolls around. The St. Louis Rams are known to be very interested in Kalil and only a trade would likely allow Kalil to slip any further than the top-two spots.

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