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Oregon vs. USC 2012: Trojans leave it all on the field in loss to Ducks

The USC Trojans put up 51 points, but were again let down by a defense that can't stop the spread offense.

Robert Laberge

In the words of Conquest Chronicles, " can't trade scores with Oregon." The USC Trojans were the last team to try to go point for point with the Oregon Ducks and they are the latest to fall victim to one of the most explosive offenses college football has ever seen.

And it wasn't for a lack of trying. The Trojans put up 51 points of their own. It's just that they gave up 62 in the process.

Monte's defense just isn't effective against the spread. We saw it tonight and we saw it last week against Arizona.

That defense definitely has been exposed. And even though there are those who still want to use the excuse that head coach Lane Kiffin hasn't had enough time to bring in the right players on defense, Conquest squashes that notion.

...these are pretty much all of his players at this point.

The offense put up 620 yards of total offense and Marqise Lee again looked like the best player on the field. But Oregon's offense is another beast and USC's offense couldn't keep up the pace.

I am happy that the team didn't quit...the defense just got out hustled.

It was a tough one to swallow for a Trojans team that expected so much more from itself coming into this season. But that's what happens when you play Oregon by Oregon's rules.