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Simulated BCS rankings, Week 7: USC climbs to No. 11

The official BCS standings will be released next week, but SB Nation is impatient, and decided to find out where the best teams in the country will fall.

Kirby Lee-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The USC Trojans are projected to land at No. 11 in the BCS standings, according to Samuel Chi's BCS Standings simulation. Chi's forecast uses every calculation that is factored into the standings, save for one computer ranking that has not been made public. The Trojans moved up four spots from last week after defeating the Utah Utes.

USC is not yet out of the BCS title hunt, but they will need some help, as many undefeated teams remain. If the teams ahead were to fall, Chi believes the Trojans will be in prime position to take advantage:

11. USC – The Trojans still have a pulse, thanks to their remaining schedule that features just enough high-profile games (Oregon, Notre Dame, Pac-12 championship) mixed in with benign winnable affairs that shouldn't pose too much trouble for a team that still has a Heisman Trophy contender in Matt Barkley. In fact, if there are no undefeated teams from the Big 12, USC will regain control of its own destiny for a shot to play in Miami.

The Trojans will try to improve their position when they travel to Seattle and face the Washington Huskies on Saturday. USC defeated UW handily last season, cruising to a 40-17 win. However, the Huskies have posed a problem for the Trojans since Steve Sarkisian took over the program. The former USC assistant is 2-1 against his previous employer.