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2012 BCS standings: USC fans think Trojans need more style points

With the initial BCS standings released on Sunday, it's time for fans and analysts to break down how the last half of the season might play out.

Otto Greule Jr - Getty Images

The USC Trojans debuted at No. 10 in the first iteration of the 2012 BCS Standings. This provides them an opportunity to make the championship game with some help if they win out, but the Trojans may have to start getting some more convincing wins to impact voter opinions.

USC blog Conquest Chronicles took exception to some recent comments from head coach Lane Kiffin on whether or not his team's wins have been impressive enough. Kiffin believes that wins are all that matters, but Conquest Chronicles point out that USC will need more than just wins if they want to achieve preseason goals:

2)The loss to Stanford (now with two losses) doesn't help USC's beauty contest if they win out. Sure USC can get to the Rose Bowl but I can guarantee that the 2012 team had higher goals than that. As fans we probably had unrealistic expectations, but I know of no player who isn't shooting for the stars.

The Trojans have won every game since that loss to Stanford, but they haven't come in the blowout fashion that some would expect from national championship-caliber team. USC had to overcome an early deficit against Utah, and struggled to put away Washington. With teams like Oregon and Alabama blowing out their competition, the Trojans will likely have to do the same to gain favor on the national level. So far, they've been unable to do that.