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College Basketball Scores And Results: USC Trojans Continue Shooting Woes, Losing Streak

The USC Trojans got swept for the second straight weekend to open what is beginning to look like a dismal Pac-12 season. USC capped their weekend with a Sunday loss to Arizona, which could have been expected I suppose. But the way the Trojans have been losing has one wondering will this team ever make a shot?

USC has lost five in a row and eight of their last nine games, and they have shot under 40% in all eight losses, including a season-low 29.3% on Sunday against the Wildcats. Here are the shooting numbers for all the Trojans since the beginning of December, a 1-8 stretch for USC.

USC Trojans Shooting, Last 9 Games
Player FGM FGA FG%
Dewayne Dedmon 31 56 55.4%
Aaron Fuller 26 62 41.9%
Garrett Jackson 11 29 37.9%
James Blasczyk 7 20 35.0%
Greg Allen 4 12 33.3%
Maurice Jones 41 127 32.3%
Byron Wesley 24 75 32.0%
Alexis Moore 23 76 30.3%
Eric Strangis 2 7 28.6%
Evan Smith 2 10 20.0%
Totals 171 474 36.1%

The Trojans have managed to find themselves in a spiral that they can't get out of. Their best shooter from the field is a 7-footer, but they can't and don't run any plays for him because he doesn't really have any moves. Fuller is probably their most efficient scorer, the result of leading the team in offensive rebounds.

The three worst shooters for USC - Jones, Wesley, and Moore - are the ones who shoot the most often. Jones and Moore are really the only ones who shoot three-pointers, and Jones has a weird quirk during this nine-game stretch. Since the beginning of December, Jones has made 34.0% of his three-pointers but just 31.3% of his two-pointers.

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