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NFL Mock Draft 2012: USC Trojans DE Nick Perry Could Wind Up With Chiefs

The USC Trojans may not have been eligible for a conference championship or a bowl game appearance this past season, but they are shaping up to be well-represented in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft.

The Trojans are expected to have at least one sure-fire pick in the first round, as left tackle Matt Kalil is projected by many to be selected as the second overall pick. Over at New NFL Draft, however, they are projecting another USC player will be selected in the first round.

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Defensive end and outside linebacker Nick Perry, who was a pass rusher extraordinaire, is being predicted as the No. 11 overall selection, winding up on the Kansas City Chiefs. Here is what New NFL Draft has to say on the matter:

In this 2012 NFL mock draft the Kansas City Chiefs take a good defensive player to continue building on their already good defense. I previously had them taking a QB in this 2012 NFL Mock Draft and picking much higher but now they are out of the top 10 and the top tier QB's seem to all be gone. However, due to the fact that they keep winning games and I see a few more wins in their future I have moved them down in this 2012 NFL Mock Draft.

The site also ranks Perry as the No. 1 outside linebacker in the 2012 Draft.

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