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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Matt Kalil To St. Louis Rams, Nick Perry To San Diego Chargers

The two best USC Trojans prospects in the 2012 NFL Draft are starting to settle into their natural positions in the draft. As a solid left tackle with bona fide credentials in college, there's no way Matt Kalil is dropping very far barring poor results in the combine or college all-star games. Kalil is a left tackle, and NFL teams at the bottom of the pecking order definitely need a guy like him. If the Indianapolis Colts take Andrew Luck as expected, the St. Louis Rams will almost certainly take Kalil next (SB Nation's current mock draft confirms this).

Nick Perry is probably going a little bit further down because no one knows for certain how potent a pass rusher he can be on an NFL defense. Sure, it's easy to be awesome at USC on defense, but can you play this good on your own? If he falls this far, the San Diego Chargers are the right team to fall to, as they have serious pass rush issues that could be fixed up if Perry is as good as advertised.

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