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USC Football Recruiting: Arik Armstead Commits To Oregon

After all the drama surrounding Arik Armstead, it appears that the talented young lineman will not join the USC Trojans after all, which is what fans have been accepting as a given since November.

Joe Davidson of the Sacramento Bee reported on Sunday that the 6'8 Pleasant Grove High School All-American has announced that he will become a member of the Oregon Ducks in the fall.

Armstead had previously committed to USC prior to his junior year, following his older brother Armond Armstead to Lane Kiffin's team. In November of 2011, Arik rescinded that commitment. It seemed that would be the end of that story, but Kiffin was one of five teams' representatives who paid home visits to Arik in the past week, keeping hope alive for the Trojans a while longer. Now the other shoe has dropped and Armstead will be heading to Oregon.

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