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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Matt Kalil To The Minnesota Vikings

It seems to be a two team race to land Matt Kalil of the USC Trojans. Kalil is a left tackle, and left tackles don't come by easy in football. When you have the chance to land one, you take one.

It'll all depend on what the St. Louis Rams decided to do with the number two pick. If the Rams feel that they need to upgrade their offensive line the most to protect Sam Bradford, they'll go with Kalil. But if they feel that Bradford needs a dynamic number one receiver, then they might go with Justin Blackmon, and then it becomes a no-brainer for the Minnesota Vikings. Rob Rang of CBS Sports with the explanation for Kalil.

Considering the pass rushers in the NFC North division, high-caliber blindside tackles are required. The Vikings aren't likely to pass on an opportunity to draft a future Pro Bowler. That's exactly what Kalil represents. Scouts would like to see Kalil play with more consistent technique, but he's been able to dominate at the collegiate level based only on his size (6-6, 295) and athleticism.

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