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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Matt Kalil Second Overall To St. Louis Rams

Matt Kalil isn't probably going to move much of anywhere in this draft unless things go very wrong before the NFL Draft. Kalil is a bona fide left tackle that could be the cornerstone of a team's franchise the next decade or so presuming a clean bill of health. You have to take him if you get the chance.

It's unsurprising that Draft Tek puts Kalil as their number two prospect behind Andrew Luck (who is almost certain to be picked by the Indianapolis Colts). The explanation by Rob Occhipinti makes perfect sense too.

Last week, I made the claim that Kalil was possibly the best tackle prospect since Orlando Pace in the 1997 NFL draft. Today I will make the argument for Matt Kalil in his physical attributes. Kalil is a huge tackle, at 6'7" he is the same height as Pace but 40 pounds lighter at 295. His dominance at USC, even with Tyron Smith on the team in 2010 shows that even with room to add bulk, Kalil is an exceptional talent with room to grow physically with NFL quality training personnel. Kalil will likely gain 20 pounds moving to the NFL - making an imposing blend of size and technique to anchor the Rams line for years to come. Now to Kalil's improvement from sophomore to junior at USC. In 2010, Matt Barkley had Kalil and Smith blocking for him and was sacked 16 times in 13 games. 2011 had Smith go to the NFL with Sophomore Kevin Graf replaced him with Kalil remaining. Despite the change to a less experienced cast, USC allowed only 8 sacks in 12 games

When in doubt (unless you really, really need a quarterback), draft the left tackle. With the Rams already putting their future in Sam Bradford's hands, it makes sense that Kalil would be the guy they pick to complement him.

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