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USC Trojans Football: T.J. Bryant And Patrick Hall Leave Program

The cutting of USC Trojans scholarships continues without haste. Two USC defensive backs are leaving the program. They will join Brice Butler, Amir Carlisle, and Kyle Prater on their way out of the program. GGary Klein of the Los Angeles Times reports.

Kiffin, however, said that defensive backs T.J. Bryant and Patrick Hall were no longer part of the program.

Bryant, a senior, redshirted last season. He has been suspended from all team activities and will graduate this spring, Kiffin said. He could transfer to a non-Football Subdivision School and play this season.

Neither Bryant nor Hall, a third-year sophomore, could be reached for comment.

Neither of these departures are of great importance. Bryant hasn't really been in the rotation for awhile and much talented youngsters have taken his place. Hall is a third year sophomore who hasn't really played much in this one. The Trojans continue to trim their scholarships as they try and prepare for the NCAA sanctions to hit, which would limit their scholarships.

USC might have a lot of players leaving who haven't been great participants in the program, but all these departures mean that the Trojans will not be a deep team in the upcoming seasons. This might not impact USC this season, but in the years to come this could be a big issue.

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