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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Minnesota Vikings Draft Matt Kalil

The Minnesota Vikings likely have their eyes on a small pool of players considering they have such a high draft pick. The Vikings are 3rd overall. Minnesota will have their pick of the best players available not named Andrew Luck and whoever the St. Louis Rams take.

In this latest mock draft by Pick 256 of Mocking the Draft, the Rams end up taking Justin Blackmon of Oklahoma State for his awesome offensive skill production to help provide Sam Bradford an elite wide receiver to connect with and help get St. Louis's offense going. That leaves the Vikings to take left tackle Matt Kalil from the USC Trojans, who could very well be a cornerstone for the franchise for years to come in defending Christian Ponder's blind-side.

Kalil might end up with the Rams, but there is a possibility he slips to three, and it's unlikely he drops beyond that.

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