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USC Trojans Football: Dillon Baxter Not Happy With Playing Time

It's fall. There are so many traditions of this season that always hold up. The nights get shorter, the trees get barer, and USC Trojans running backs start grumbling about their lack of snaps.

This year it's Dillon Baxter, who saw pretty much no significant game time on. Baxter found the situation so irritating that he had to bring his family in to talk to head coach Lane Kiffin about his lack of touches. Gary Klein of the Los Angeles Times reports that Baxter and his family had to talk with Kiffin about his role on the team, and that Kiffin made it clear how Baxter would see the field more.

"There's really not much I can do," Baxter said Saturday. "Just keep working hard and I guess when they want to put me in, they'll put me in."

Kiffin said Baxter did not talk of transferring during a meeting that was requested by the family.

"That's something that … happens a lot, especially with your highly recruited players, especially if they're not playing," Kiffin said. "I call them 'Tell the truth' meetings."

Baxter is still a sophomore, so it'd be surprising if he decided to bolt this early in the season. Still, it's not boding well for Baxter if he does decide to transfer (and it doesn't look particularly good for him that he had to get his parents to talk to his coach). It would indicate that he doesn't believe that he can ever beat out D.J. Morgan and Curtis McNeal for significant playing action in a USC uniform, and would need to look elsewhere to get on the field.

Such is life when you have a hundred four- to five-star recruits to placate.

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