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USC Vs. Utah Interception Return: Great Moments In Gambling History

The talk of the college football weekend around the water cooler on Monday was the end of the game between the USC Trojans and Utah Utes. The Trojans were up 17-14 with 11 seconds remaining with Utah lining up for a potential game-tying field goal. However, it was blocked and returned for a touchdown by Torin Harris as the clock expired.

What was first ruled an unsportsmanlike penalty on the USC sideline, nullifying the touchdown for a 17-14 final score was eventually changed to a touchdown and a 23-14 final score. "The final play of the game between USC and Utah was ruled properly and the touchdown did stand. There was a miscommunication between the officials and the press box that led to the confusion about the final score," said Tony Corrente the Pac-12 Officiating Coordinator.

USC won either way, so it wasn't really a huge decision either way. But when factoring in that the Trojans were anywhere from an eight to nine-point favorite depending on when the wager was placed, that final touchdown was of utmost importance. Corrente added, "We will make the appropriate adjustments to improve communication between on field officials and press box personnel so that we avoid any scoring issues in the future."

The gambling community will be watching intently. Bet on it.

That final touchdown made USC 1-1 against the spread this season, and it made Harris a late-game hero for the second straight week. The sophomore cornerback ended the Trojans' 19-17 win over the Minnesota Golden Gophers on September 3 with an interception in the final minute as well.

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