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USC-Utah Score Revised By Pac-12 To 23-14, Torin Harris Gets His Touchdown

At the end of the game between the USC Trojans and the Utah Utes, Utah was lining up for a game-tying 41 yard field goal for kicker Coleman Petersen, but starting left tackle Matt Kalil (who apparently has been brainwashed by special teams coach John Baxter to try and play all parts of the field) registered his first blocked kick, and allowed Torin Harris to scoop it up and return it for what appeared to be a touchdown.

However, USC players rushed the field from the sideline before the play was over, and the Pac-12 officials mysteriously called the Trojans for an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty--even though those celebration penalties are only supposed to be assessed to the person who scored the touchdown. The Pac-12 office and USC both worked together to overrule the decision, and give Harris a touchdown he richly deserved.

And yes, if you're in Vegas, it means good things for you too.

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