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USC Football To Wear Black Socks For First Time During Home Games

USC football has been renowned for keeping in line with tradition. They haven't changed their garb up, ever. Their uniforms have looked exactly the same since the dawn of man (with only a few little shifts in the patterns). Cardinal and gold have ruled Heritage Hall forever.

But this year, the Trojans are strutting out new stylistic arrangements. And no, it's not the ridiculous black helmets that Scott Wolf trudged out there as a practical joke. It's so much more insidious and subversive, and could threaten to undo the fabric of USC football forever. FOREVER!

This time Wolf got the announcement straight from USC Trojans head coach Lane Kiffin, who said the team will deviate from their white sock look and don the blacks this year. Kiffin says the team loves the idea of black socks--they wanted to wear. I can only presume this is because black socks make the man.

Honestly, will you notice the black socks? Why are Trojan football players concerned about their socks? How much of an advantage does this give other teams? Will Vegas adjust the spread? Who knows what will happen???

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