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USC Football: Javorius "Buck" Allen Joins Team

The USC Trojans have a logjam at running back and are trying their best to settle it out. What's another log in the pile going to do?

Javorious Allen was supposed to be part of USC's 2011 recruiting class, but qualification was taking time and holding "Buck" back from being part of the team. There was definite talent there; Allen had been injured for awhile and had seen his ranking drop, but there was definite upside.

  • Rivals: 23rd best athlete, 69th best recruit in Florida
  • ESPN: 148th in ESPNU150, 12th best running back, 77th best recruit in Southeast picked USC over Alabama and Auburn.
  • Scout: 3 stars, 57th best running back
  • 247Sports: Grade of 90

Scott Schrader of USC's 247Sports affiliate reports that Allen is finally ready to join the team and will start classes on Friday. It's not expected that Allen will really participate this season and will redshirt, but it does provide the Trojans with another individual to rely on down the road after Marc Tyler graduates.

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