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USC Wants To Stay In Memorial Coliseum Forever. FOREVER!

The USC Trojans have a crappy football stadium. It's not very good. It was an Olympic stadium, so it was never really meant for watching football games. The stadium is constructed higher rather than wider, making it tough for fans high up to figure out what's going down on the field. Almost all of the road seats are situated next to the peristyle, ensuring visiting fans one of the worst vantage points in all of college football.

Yet there go the Trojans, wanting to make sure everyone enjoys their dump for the rest of eternity. Arash Markazi of ESPN Los Angeles reports.

USC and the Coliseum Commission, the nine-member governing body of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, are expected to begin formal negotiations on a master lease for the Coliseum after the commission's Sept. 7 meeting. An agreement is expected to be reached within 90 days and would give the university the exclusive right to use, manage and operate the stadium.

A special four-member committee to determine the future of the Coliseum has already been assembled and convened and will meet with the rest of the Coliseum Commission at their Sept. 7 meeting to determine how they will proceed with USC's request for the master lease.

Honestly, it'd be nice to see USC finally try and renovate the Coliseum. Athletics has received numerous donations to help construct a new center for their student-athletes, so you'd figure a renovation project is well underway to ensure the stadium is better laid out for its fans. And during the time they spend away from the Coliseum, they could probably check out the proposed NFL stadium in Los Angeles.