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USC Moving On, Will Accept Remaining NCAA Penalties

The USC Trojans are done appealing. They will accept the remaining penalties and serve their last year of probation.

It hasn't been a fun few months for USC Trojans fans, who have seen departments like the Ohio St. Buckeyes, Miami Hurricanes and Tennessee Volunteers skim by with only the barest of violations. 

But it looks like USC will accept the violations they've been given and move on. Gary Klein of the Los Angeles Times reports that USC president Max Nikias is not going to redress the penalties from the NCAA and will focus on moving forward with the program. I doubt Nikias would have abandoned the redress unless he thought it was a dead certainty he wouldn't win, so it appears the Trojans are cutting their losses and running.

Still, it's been a bitter year for USC fans. Despite many of the programs listed above committing equivalent or far more severe infractions, it's the Trojans who were taken by the collar and given the whip. They'll have to endure one more year of suffering before they can get back to the level playing field the arbitrary NCAA lays out for everyone else.

USC has a year left of probation and about 20 or so more scholarships to lose the next two years.

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