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Lane Kiffin Will Avoid NCAA Sanctions From Time At Tennessee

Looks like the NCAA is going to keep Lane Kiffin off the hook for his time with the Tennessee Volunteers. Andrew Gribble and Mike Griffith of the Knoxville News Sentinel reports that the Vols football program will escape major scrutiny, which means Kiffin will not have to worry about his past biting him and forcing him into a difficult position with the USC Trojans. (Bruce Pearl and the Tennessee basketball program might not be quite as lucky.)

Not much is known of the ruling yet (since it won't come out until tomorrow), but apparently the Vols football program was found guilty of secondary violations. Tennessee has already self-imposed two years of probation for the entire athletic department, which is probably all the NCAA needed to see to spare the Volunteers of future punishment. It tends to be the way things work with the NCAA, where saving face is more important than levying appropriate punishments for serious infractions.

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