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PHOTO: LA Memorial Coliseum Scoreboard Under Construction

Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum is getting a big new scoreboard this season. Presumably this is to keep half the USC Trojans ticket-holders in the stadium from thinking they're watching their home games from orbit, and ensure the other half end up craning their heads upward to take a look at the shiny new board

After the jump, the actual photo, plus more specifics on the board.


(Thanks to Ryan Abraham of Inside Troy for taking this picture)

Specs: 6000 square feet (150 feet wide x 40 feet tall).

Location: West side of the stadium (opposite the peristyle, where their current, tinier scoreboard is situated).

Segments: Live game-action, replays, down, distance, other pertinent features (SPONSORS!).

The Coliseum is one of the unfriendliest places on Earth to watch a football game. The Romans could have put lions in the stands at the original Coliseum and it wouldn't have been as unfriendly.  Hopefully, this should make the experience a little better, without too much neck strain for all involved.

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