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VIDEO: Nick Young In A Nutshell--Drew League Record-Setting 60 Points In Losing Effort

Former LA prep hoopster and graduated USC Trojans slasher Nick Young has a problem. He doesn't know how to pass the ball. Sure, it might not lead to cancer or anything, but Young is probably one of the biggest black holes in the league when it comes to handling the rock. He's pretty much in Martell Webster territory, and we all know how Webster's Hall-of-Fame-worthy career at targeting the basketball net went.

So it should make sense that Young would have a huge scoring outburst at a Drew League game. And his team would STILL lose. Check out video of the performance after the jump.

(via BigMarv44)

Young put up in an incredible 60 points. He was nailing everything that night. Floaters, jumpers, drives, AND-1 opportunities, free throws. Great stuff from a great scorer.

Only one issue. His team lost. The Young Grangers lost 82-78, meaning the rest of Young's team put up a grand 18 points. Might want to give that ball off a little more next time Nick.

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