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VIDEO: Shabazz Muhammad Talks UCLA Basketball Recruiting

The top basketball recruit in the country just wrapped up attending the Adidas Super 64 in Las Vegas, and played fairly well in his hometown. Bishop Gorman small forward Shabazz Muhammad is the clear prize for the top college basketball schools, and he's made his preferences clear early in the process. One of them appears to be the Sons of Westwood.

He elucidated on his feelings about UCLA and the recruiting process in general with an interview with Bluegrass Hoops (check out the full interview below).

Interviewer: "I did see Coach [Ben] Howland here and I know UCLA is in good shape, so what is it about UCLA that you're attracted to?"

Muhammad: "Uh, it's first of all it's Coach Howland ... I went up there ... the campus is beautiful, the academics is great, I love their basketball program, it's just a great school."

Muhammad has offers from every major college basketball program in the country, including both USC and UCLA, but the Bruins seem to be one of the top targets for Muhammad, along with programs like the Duke Blue Devils and Kentucky Wildcats which he also mentioned in the interview. This is shaping up to be one heck of a recruiting battle.

 (via Coast2Coasthoops)

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