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USC Trojans In The NFL: Clay Matthews Played With Stress Fracture Last Year

The USC Trojans tradition continues at the next level in the NFL. Follow Conquest Chronicles for any further updates on anything Trojan-related.

Clay Matthews is one tough individual. It's surprising because of all the defenders from the fabled 2008 USC Trojans defensive corps that shut down almost everyone, Matthews's role was one of the most understated on the team. But it's clear that he was the defensive MVP of the Green Bay Packers last season in their run to a Super Bowl title.

Matthews probably should get two defensive MVPs based on all he head to deal with last season. He told the Green Bay Press Gazette that he played with a stress fracture in his leg. Although the media is currently overemphasizing the injury as "broken leg", there's no doubt Matthews was playing with quite a bit of discomfort and certainly endangering his future contributions as a football player.

Matthews says he's pain-free and good to go for the 2011 season.

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